Bryan Lubeck, Welcome Winter Review

Bryan Lubeck, Welcome Winter Review Holiday Harmonies: The Elegance of Bryan Lubeck’s Welcome Winter by Sylvannia Garutch In contemporary instrumental music, Bryan Lubeck has established himself as a maestro of melding romantic Spanish guitar with […]


Mr. Chair, Better Days Review

Mr. Chair, Better Days Review An Exploration of Genre-Defying Brilliance by Ferell Aubre When you delve into the multi-layered universe of Madison-based ensemble Mr. Chair, you find yourself suspended between multiple genres, where jazz is […]


Marc Ciprut, Blue House Review

Marc Ciprut, Blue House Review Blue House: Marc Ciprut’s Melodic Odyssey Through Blues, Fusion, and Jazz by Ferell Aubre Steeped in the multi-dimensional realm of fusion, where divergent musical streams coalesce to spawn innovative sonic […]

Crossover Jazz

Randal Clark, Stargazer Review

Randal Clark, Stargazer Review by Nolan DeBuke Randal Clark has released his follow-up to the 2021 release of Imaginary World with his album titled Stargazer. The Salt Lake City-based alto saxophonist presents his exciting mix of fusion, jazz, […]