Crossover Jazz

Althea René, Flawsome

July 25, 2019 admin 1

by Ferell Aubre Flutist Althea René hails originally from the heart of Detroit, Michigan. She started her exploration of music at the fledgling age of four.  Her formal studies included classical music while attending Howard […]

Crossover Jazz

Jamie Cullum, Taller

May 10, 2019 admin 1

by Nolan DeBuke Five years in the making Jamie Cullum is back with a new album Taller, set to release June 7th with Blue Note Records in the U.S., and Island Records elsewhere. This is […]

Crossover Jazz

Chrissie Hynde, Valve Bone Woe

May 4, 2019 admin 0

by Sylvannia Garutch Known for her Rock pedigree with The Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde grew up in Akron, Ohio.  Through various incarnations of bands and jobs ensued, including writing for music magazine, the NME. She has […]

Crossover Jazz

Darrian Ford, New Standards

February 28, 2019 admin 0

by Sylvannia Garutch Darrian Ford is a vocalist who originally hails from Chicago.  His background credits are predominately in theater and television.  He began his professional theater career at age 13 in Oscar Brown Jr’s […]

Crossover Jazz

Sarah Reich, New Change

October 24, 2018 admin 0

by Sylvannia Garutch Tap dancing is not a new concept by any stretch of the word, it has been a vital part of music for centuries.  There are several major variations of tap dancing: (jazz) […]

Crossover Jazz

Rosie Frater-Taylor, On My Mind

October 8, 2018 admin 1

by Ferell Aubre Rosie Frater-Taylor is the next generation of musicians rising through the ranks, that was introduced to music originally from their parents, who were also jazz musicians.  Scottish born vocalist/songwriter Josie Frater and […]

Crossover Jazz

Shake Stew, Rise and Rise Again

September 19, 2018 admin 0

by Sylvannia Garutch Hailing from Austria is a band that is as unique as it is musical. Lead by bassist and composer Lukas Kranzelbinder, Shake Stew is Austria‘s shining export. The unique septet is back […]

Crossover Jazz

Troy Roberts, Nu-Jive Perspective

September 3, 2018 admin 0

by Sylvannia Garutch Every generation there are musicians that standout, those that show a versatility in their playing and offer a robust sound and spark that ignites the listener.  In the saxophone category, two such […]

Crossover Jazz

Nubya Garcia, When We Are

August 27, 2018 admin 0

by Sylvannia Garutch Nubya Garcia is a saxophonist, composer and bandleader based in London that is back with her next chapter in her musical unfolding, When We Are. Enabled with the support of the prestigious […]