Marc Ciprut, Blue House Review

Blue House: Marc Ciprut's Melodic Odyssey Through Blues, Fusion, and Jazz


Marc Ciprut, Blue House Review

Blue House: Marc Ciprut’s Melodic Odyssey Through Blues, Fusion, and Jazz

by Ferell Aubre

Marc-Ciprut-feature-the-jazz-wordSteeped in the multi-dimensional realm of fusion, where divergent musical streams coalesce to spawn innovative sonic expression, emerges a vibrant exemplar: Marc Ciprut. This New York-based maestro of the strings, a guitarist, composer, and producer of remarkable caliber, unfurls his latest musical narrative, Blue House. The album emanates a harmonious medley of blues, fusion, and jazz, drawing inspiration from the virtuosity of industry legends such as B.B. King, Carlos Santana, George Benson, and John Abercrombie.

Blue House is evidence of Ciprut’s distinctive, fluent guitar style juxtaposed against a canvas of vibrant songwriting. The artist’s evolution reverberates throughout the album, echoing his past engagements with luminary artists like Joss Stone, Lenny White, and The Baha Men merge with his present-day artistic signature.

Amplifying the richness of Blue House is an ensemble of world-class musicians sharing Ciprut’s stage. The exceptional talents of bassists Jimmy Haslip and James Genus, keyboard maestros Scott Kinsey, Jon Cowherd, Jeremy Manasia, Etienne Lytle, drummer Tommi Rautiainen, and guest vocalist Steven Santoro leave an indelible imprint on this project. Each artist’s prowess interweaves to create a textured, sonic tapestry that harmonizes seamlessly with Ciprut’s vision.

Imbibing the essence of Marc Ciprut’s Blue House evokes an exploration into an organically bluesy, rock-infused, and jazz-centric fusion. From the inaugural track, “Roll It Out,” one is magnetically drawn into the blend of a B.B. King-esque rhythm and a jazz fusion melody. The harmonic surprises and Ciprut’s agile transitions from a warm, lyrical tone to a crisp, jazz guitar sound pay homage to the ever-evolving nature of jazz and Ciprut’s virtuosity in sculpting his sound.

“Jack Be Nimble” unveils Ciprut’s mastery in crafting an absorbing melody with minimal notes. With Haslip and Rautiainen providing a rhythmic underpinning, the song propels the listener into a compelling voyage through the fusion of jazz and rock, demonstrating Ciprut’s extensive musical lexicon.

“Closer,” featuring Steven Santoro’s vocals, adds a fresh lyrical layer to the album’s predominantly instrumental narrative. This track showcases another dimension of Ciprut’s compositional prowess—his ability to write empowering lyrics to a steady rock heartbeat. The soaring melody, interlaced with a spectrum of chord changes, imparts an unexpected depth to the musical journey.

Unquestionably, Blue House immerses the listener in Ciprut’s multi-faceted guitar virtuosity and unique songwriting style. The bold melding of blues, fusion, and jazz is natural with Ciprut’s dynamic musical vision. Each track invites listeners to delve deeper into his rich musical landscape. The mastery and sophistication manifested in his oeuvre render Blue House a worthy addition to the record collections of both ardent jazz connoisseurs and fusion devotees.


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