Aguankó, Unidad Review

Aguankó, Unidad Review Echoes of Tradition: The Timeless Journey of Aguankó’s Unidad by Nolan DeBuke Aguankó’s latest album, Unidad, is a collection of original songs led by Alberto Nacif, a conguero and composer. Joining him is […]


Lawson Rollins, Heartwood Review

Lawson Rollins, Heartwood Review Heartwood: A Harmonious Dance of Melody and Rhythm by Lawson Rollins by Ferell Aubre In his latest release, Heartwood, Lawson Rollins captivates listeners with an intoxicating fusion of melodies and rhythms […]


Sergio Pereira, Finesse Review

Sergio Pereira, Finesse Review by Ferell Aubre Sergio Pereira is a vocalist, guitarist, arranger, and composer currently releasing his third album, Finesse. The album is being released by the Spanish record label Sedajazz Records. His […]