Buster Williams, Unalome Review

Buster Williams, Unalome Review Unalome: Buster Williams’ Stairway to Enlightenment Through Jazz by Sylvannia Garutch With Unalome, Buster Williams takes listeners on a soul-stirring journey that blends musical expertise with philosophical introspection. The title, a […]


Marc Ciprut, Blue House Review

Marc Ciprut, Blue House Review Blue House: Marc Ciprut’s Melodic Odyssey Through Blues, Fusion, and Jazz by Ferell Aubre Steeped in the multi-dimensional realm of fusion, where divergent musical streams coalesce to spawn innovative sonic […]

World Jazz

Douyé, The Golden Sèkèrè Review

Douyé, The Golden Sèkèrè Review Reimagining Jazz Standards with Cultural Heritage: Douyé’s The Golden Sèkèrè by Ferell Aubre As the record needle gently lands on the first track of Douyé’s album The Golden Sèkèrè, palpable […]


Lawson Rollins, Heartwood Review

Lawson Rollins, Heartwood Review Heartwood: A Harmonious Dance of Melody and Rhythm by Lawson Rollins by Ferell Aubre In his latest release, Heartwood, Lawson Rollins captivates listeners with an intoxicating fusion of melodies and rhythms […]