M.E.B., That You Not Dare To Forget Review

A Harmonious Blend of Generations and Styles


M.E.B., That You Not Dare To Forget Review

M.E.B.’s Album That You Not Dare To Forget: A Harmonious Blend of Generations and Styles

by Ferell Aubre

M.E.B-cdWith a remarkable fusion of old and new, M.E.B.’s album, That You Not Dare To Forget, is a delightful homage to the timeless legacy of Miles Davis. Led by Vince Wilburn, Jr., M.E.B (formerly known as “Miles Electric Band”) brings together an all-star ensemble of Miles Davis alumni and musicians inspired by the iconic trumpeter. This never-before-released studio recording presents a diverse array of artists performing both new compositions inspired by Miles and two tracks featuring previously unreleased trumpet performances by the legend himself.

Co-produced by Lenny White, who played on the revolutionary Bitches Brew sessions, and Vince Wilburn Jr., known for his work on Man with the Horn, Aura, Human Nature, and You’re Under Arrest, the album showcases a unique mix-and-match approach. Each of the five tracks features a different lineup of musicians, offering listeners an eclectic and refreshing experience.

On “Hail To The Real Chief,” Miles’ iconic muted trumpet is brilliantly complemented by Marcus Miller’s funky bass, John Scofield’s guitar, and the rhythmic talents of both White and Wilburn. The call-and-response between Davis and the band in the latter part of the track is truly captivating. 

With soulful synths and Donald Harrison’s alto sax, “Ove My Shoulder” is a strutting number enriched by Vernon Reid’s electrifying guitar work.

The album successfully bridges two generations of musicians: Davis’ contemporaries and the next generation of all-stars. Assembled by Emmy and Grammy Award-winning producer/drummer Vince Wilburn Jr., this rotating ensemble of master musicians is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of music while honoring the classics.

That You Not Dare To Forget is a testament to the enduring influence of Miles Davis. It caters to fans of his later work, as well as those who appreciate groove-based jazz with a touch of hip-hop, highlighting the exceptional blend of generations and styles featured on M.E.B.’s latest album.

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