Lawson Rollins, Heartwood Review

Lawson Rollins, Heartwood Review Heartwood: A Harmonious Dance of Melody and Rhythm by Lawson Rollins by Ferell Aubre In his latest release, Heartwood, Lawson Rollins captivates listeners with an intoxicating fusion of melodies and rhythms […]


Naya Baaz, Charm Review

Naya Baaz, Charm Review Crossing Boundaries: The Harmonious Fusion of Jazz and Traditional Indian Music by Ferell Aubre Charm is the inaugural venture from Naya Baaz, an innovative alliance between two musicians known for their musical […]


Jon Balke, Siwan – Hafla Review

Jon Balke, Siwan – Hafla Review by Ferell Aubre Norwegian pianist Jon Balke is back with his latest ECM Records release called Siwan – Hafla. This is the third album from the Norwegian keyboardist-composer-arranger’s ensemble Siwan, […]


Max Highstein, Tiptoes Review

Max Highstein, Tiptoes Review by Ferell Aubre A multi-instrumentalist, Max Highstein brings forth much more than musical ideas; he imbues his music with a textualization of knowing. A deep acumen of complexity and joy is […]


Veronneau, Love & Surrender

by Ferell Aubre Infectious, harmonious, inviting and alluring – just some of the adjectives that describe the lovely Brazilian infused Veronneau.  Adorned by the supple and versatile vocals of Lynn Veronneau the bands namesake, and […]