Willie Morris, Attentive Listening Review

Willie Morris, Attentive Listening Review Willie Morris’ Attentive Listening—A Journey Through Active Listening by Ferell Aubre Willie Morris’ Attentive Listening, released under Posi-Tone Records in 2024, delivers a collection of tracks with a vibrant energy of […]


Pat Bianchi, Three Review

Pat Bianchi, Three Review Boundless Harmonies: The Adventurous Spirit of Three by Pat Bianchi by Nolan DeBuke The organ trio holds a special place in the many sounds of jazz, symbolizing groove and the pioneering […]


Troy Roberts, Green Lights Review

Troy Roberts, Green Lights Review Illuminating Movement in Modern Jazz: Troy Roberts’ Green Lights by Nolan DeBuke Troy Roberts has established himself as a beacon of innovation and virtuosity within today’s jazz scene. His latest […]


Brian Bromberg, LaFaro Review

Brian Bromberg, LaFaro Review Echoes of a Legacy: Brian Bromberg’s Tribute to Scott LaFaro by Nolan DeBuke Brian Bromberg’s latest album, LaFaro, is an enjoyable tribute to the legendary jazz bassist Scott LaFaro, whose innovative work […]