Tigran Hamasyan, StandArt Review

Tigran Hamasyan, StandArt Review by Ferell Aubre Tigran Hamasyan is releasing StandArt on Nonesuch Records. This album marks the pianist and composer’s first album of American standards and comprises songs from the 1920s through the 1950s by […]


Jon Balke, Siwan – Hafla Review

Jon Balke, Siwan – Hafla Review by Ferell Aubre Norwegian pianist Jon Balke is back with his latest ECM Records release called Siwan – Hafla. This is the third album from the Norwegian keyboardist-composer-arranger’s ensemble Siwan, […]


Simon Phillips, Protocol V Review

Simon Phillips, Protocol V Review by Nolan DeBuke Simon Phillips is back with another album in his Protocol jazz-fusion series called Protocol V. Phillips has created an outstanding roster with guitarist Alex Sill, saxophonist Jacob Scesney, […]