Bill Laurance & The Untold Orchestra, Bloom Review

Exploring the Lush Soundscapes of Bill Laurance's Bloom

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Bill Laurance & The Untold Orchestra, Bloom Review

Exploring the Lush Soundscapes of Bill Laurance’s Bloom

by Ferell Aubre

Bill-Laurance-The-Jazz-WordIn the ever-evolving landscape of crossover jazz, few artists manage to continually blur the lines between genres while staying true to their roots as elegantly as Bill Laurance. A founding member of the Grammy-winning ensemble Snarky Puppy, Laurance has carved a unique niche for himself within the realm of orchestral jazz. His latest offering vividly captures his artistic vision of enchanting listeners with a blend of classical grandeur and jazz spontaneity.

Released under the ACT label, Bloom is Laurance’s exploration of new terrains in jazz and classical fusion, inspired by the unbounded creativity of childhood and a profound connection with nature. This album arrives as a fresh statement in a career already rich with inventive musical dialogues, as heard in earlier works like Flint (2014), Aftersun (2016), and Cables (2019). As we explore Bloom, it becomes clear that Laurance is building on established musical themes, expanding them, reflecting the current trend of genre-blending that is becoming increasingly prominent in jazz.

The album opens with “Bloom,” a track that sets a thematic tone for the album. It begins with mystical, expansive strings that soon intertwine with Laurance’s expressive piano. The crescendo builds into a seamless blend of improvisation and orchestrated precision, evoking a sense of awakening and the thrill of discovery. The emotional resonance of this piece is tangible, as it develops through an auditory landscape filled with subtlety and vibrancy.

Following this, “Before the Sun” and “Lyra” showcase Laurance’s ability to craft stories through music. “Before the Sun” features wonderfully written and expertly performed string parts, creating an expansive theme that highlights Laurance’s lyrical and harmonically textured piano performance. The track is a deep dive into emotional depths, stirring feelings of introspection and revelation.

“Lyra,” on the other hand, begins with a catchy rhythmic figure in the strings, creating a dynamic interplay with the piano. The crescendo leads to a stirring climax, beautifully illustrating the album’s classical and European jazz influences. Laurance’s touch at the piano is elegant and warm, enhanced by an excellent violin solo, further highlighting his compositional strength in merging diverse musical elements.

Throughout Bloom, the absence of traditional drums is notable, with strings and piano taking over the rhythmic drive of the album. This choice emphasizes the symphonic texture of the music, blending piano, strings, and subtle electronic elements, as heard in “Lyra” with its addition of record noise and other musical adornments. The album’s production quality is clear and well-balanced, and each element is distinctly audible yet harmoniously integrated.

Bloom’s overall mood is reflective and cinematic, mirroring the complexities of the natural and imaginative worlds. Tracks like “Strange Love” and “All at Once” stand out for their emotional impact, moving from introspective to energetically expressive, showcasing Laurance’s range as a musician and storyteller.

Bloom showcases musical expertise as it explores themes of creativity, a concept underscored in today’s interdisciplinary and cross-cultural artistic expressions. This makes Laurance’s work a significant cultural artifact in contemporary music, a demonstration of the impact and relevance of his unique blend of classical influences and jazz improvisation.

Bill Laurance’s Bloom is an immersive experience that invites listeners to explore the depths of their imaginations and the complexities of their emotional landscapes through this cinematic mix of classical and jazz. With this work, Laurance continues to define himself as a visionary artist whose music transcends traditional boundaries and resonates deeply with the essence of creativity.

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