Chamber Jazz

Fergus McCreadie, Sketches Review

Fergus McCreadie, Sketches Review Exploring the Intimate Narrative of Fergus McCreadie’s Sketches by Nolan DeBuke Fergus McCreadie’s latest digital EP, Sketches, on Edition Records, is a journey through the landscape of improvisational jazz, painted with the […]


Aguankó, Unidad Review

Aguankó, Unidad Review Echoes of Tradition: The Timeless Journey of Aguankó’s Unidad by Nolan DeBuke Aguankó’s latest album, Unidad, is a collection of original songs led by Alberto Nacif, a conguero and composer. Joining him is […]


Vin Venezia, The Venetian Review

Vin Venezia, The Venetian Review Harmonic Confluence and Lyrical Flow: Vin Venezia’s The Venetian by Nolan DeBuke Vin Venezia’s latest offering, The Venetian, is an outstanding contemporary jazz guitar album. This project shows his mastery and […]


Bryan Lubeck, Welcome Winter Review

Bryan Lubeck, Welcome Winter Review Holiday Harmonies: The Elegance of Bryan Lubeck’s Welcome Winter by Sylvannia Garutch In contemporary instrumental music, Bryan Lubeck has established himself as a maestro of melding romantic Spanish guitar with […]


Joey Alexander, Continuance Review

Joey Alexander, Continuance Review Continuance: Joey Alexander’s Ode to Jazz’s Ever-Evolving Tale By Nolan DeBuke Joey Alexander’s Continuance shows his exceptional talent as a jazz pianist and composer, marking a significant milestone in his already illustrious career. At […]

Electronic Jazz

Laura Misch, Sample the Sky Review

Laura Misch, Sample the Sky Review A Convergence of Electronic Ambience and Jazz Artistry by Sylvannia Garutch In this audacious venture, Sample the Sky emerges as a mosaic of musicality, meticulously assembled with every sound played, synthesized, […]