Jeremy Pelt, Tomorrow’s Another Day Review

A Melodic Journey with Jeremy Pelt's Tomorrow's Another Day


Jeremy Pelt, Tomorrow’s Another Day Review

A Melodic Journey with Jeremy Pelt’s Tomorrow’s Another Day

by Nolan DeBuke

Jeremy-Pelt-cdTomorrow’s Another Day, Jeremy Pelt’s latest album, released in March 2024 under HighNote Records, is a new direction to his enduring talent and innovative spirit. This collection of compositions traverses the expansive landscape of contemporary jazz, blending electronic elements with jazz influences to create a sound that mixes hip-hop influences with rich harmonic textures.

Pelt, an esteemed trumpeter known for his powerful tone and lyrical phrasing, demonstrates his keen ear for contemporary music with Tomorrow’s Another Day. This album showcases Pelt’s ability to blend hip-hop rhythms with complex harmonies, offering listeners a rich auditory experience. Each track reflects Pelt’s deep understanding of jazz’s heritage—think Miles Davis’ electric era—while presenting a vision for its evolution into the present and future.

The ensemble on this album features Jeremy Pelt on trumpet, Jalen Baker on vibraphone, Alex Wintz on guitar, Leighton McKinley-Harrell on acoustic and electric bass, Allan Mednard on drums (tracks 2, 3, 4, 8), Deantoni Parks on drums (tracks 1, 5, 7), and Frank LoCrasto on Fender Rhodes (track 2) and piano (track 7). The synergy among the musicians is palpable, with each player contributing to the album’s dynamic range and emotional depth.

“Ante Meridiem” opens the album with a building and uplifting melody, setting the tone for the journey ahead with a muted trumpet with reverb and delay. The driving rhythm section of Parks and McKinley-Harrell provides the hip-hop-tinged groove, adding harmonic colors and textures to Wintz’s guitar and Baker’s vibraphone. Wintz’s color palette is especially intriguing.

“No A.I.” opens with an ostinato that is beautifully built around, highlighting Pelt’s compositional side. The interplay between the melody and rhythm section creates a delicate, conversational atmosphere. Mednard’s drumming is dynamic and flowing, while LoCrasto’s Fender Rhodes adds texture and energy to the ensemble. Pelt’s solo is wonderfully crafted, featuring an arching shape and defined motifs. Baker’s solo is highly active, covering the groove with cascading sheets of notes. Wintz’s solo stands out with his imaginative ideas, rich sound, and delicate touch, culminating in a beautiful climax complemented by Pelt’s trumpet background.

“People” opens with a beautifully textured arpeggio figure from Wintz. Featuring a darker, more brooding theme, this trumpet and guitar duet track finds Pelt aiming for the emotional shades of hip-hop electronic jazz. The haunting harmony and Pelt’s warm, mellow trumpet sound draws the listener into a reflective state, demonstrating Pelt’s versatility as a player of emotion and substance.

“Earl J” is an up-tempo selection that truly hits at the heart of this ensemble. The swing feel is excellently delivered by Mednard and McKinley-Harrell. Pelt turns in his best solo of the date, showcasing clear ideas and ample energy. Wintz’s accompaniment is outstanding, with modern and textured voicings pushing Pelt and Baker deeper into the harmony. Wintz’s solo builds beautifully, featuring subtle sound changes and textures of single notes and chordal structures.

Tomorrow’s Another Day captures the essence of modern jazz while paying homage to today’s hip-hop influences. Jeremy Pelt’s vision and artistry are evident in every song, making this album a significant, albeit different, addition to his discography. The seamless integration of traditional and contemporary elements makes it accessible to a broad audience, though listeners of hip-hop-influenced jazz will find the most pathways of enjoyment here.

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