John Goldsby, Segment — Volume Two Review

a celebration of life, music, and friendships


John Goldsby, Segment — Volume Two Review

by:  Ferell Aubre

john-goldsby-cdJohn Goldsby is releasing his latest album, Segment – Volume Two, from the WDR celebration of small group music. The John Goldsby trio collaborates between John Goldsby, double bass; Hans Dekker, drums; and Billy Test, piano. The album offers a broad range of feels, tempos, and joyful music from a jazz rhythm section with clairvoyance for listening and swinging. The five-song EP is a continuation of the trio’s album Segment. The set has three originals and two standards.

“Coming Down Roses” is an original that has a deep swing feel and catchy melody. Dekker’s brushwork is flowing and supportive. Goldsby’s accompanying and soloing is warm toned and interactive with the drums and piano. His soloing is based on beautiful intonation and a strong sense of time. Test is patient in building his solo statement, and when Dekker switches to sticks, the trio takes flight through choruses of hard-swinging explorations.

“Goodbye Porkpie Hat” opens with a gorgeous unaccompanied intro by Goldsby. His tone is rich, and his bass growls with expression. His double-stops are in tune and expressive. Dekker and Test join as Goldsby moves to the upper register of his acoustic bass to continue his solo. The trio is sensitive to each other, and their communication is heartfelt and profound. This version of Mingus’ tune lets Goldsby’s bass voice be heard.

Segment – Volume Two is a delightful collection of five songs by a trio with chemistry and deep history. Goldsby was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in the fall of 2019. Now in a state of remission, both Segment, and Segment – Volume Two are a celebration of life, music, and friendships. “A true musician plays through all stages of life,” says Goldsby. “My illness gave me time to reflect on my relationship to everything that is important and meaningful to me: my family and my music.” Acknowledging the transformative nature of music, Goldsby delivers a set of jubilant music.


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