Enric Peidro, Keep That Swing in Your Soul

by Sylvannia Garutch

Tenor saxophonist, Enric Peidro is a self-taught musician.  He began his journey of becoming a professional musician at age fourteen. Peidro’s sound and phrasing are deeply rooted in the swing-era, and he has often been touted as the “keeper of the flame” among classic jazz lovers all over Spain. His unpretentious approach is the cornerstone of his sound, firmly footed in the traditional jazz idiom. As a leader he has recorded fourteen CDs under his own name and contributed to approximately 35 CDs and counting as a sideman.  Peidro’s latest work is titled Keep That Swing in Your Soul. He is joined by Paul Evans: trumpet; Pedro Ortuño: trombone; Richard Busiakiewicz: piano; Andrés Lizón: bass and Simone Zaniol: drums.

Opening up with Lester Young’s “Tickle Toe,” the swinging sextet makes a joyful sound that is exciting and authentic. A piano figure from Busiakiewicz leads to the well-arranged melody. Peidro solos first, his time-feel and tone are sublime. His lines flow through the harmony with ease and authority. Evans’ solo follows, his rhythmic playfulness evokes a spirited feeling.  Busiakiewicz’s solo statement is like glass, shimmering rhythm and smooth lines. The short chorus is excellent, sharing space with Zaniol to speak his musical language on the skins. This band is all about swing and beautifully played melodies through an exciting arrangement.

“Indiana” begins with a cleanly played horn figure above the rhythm section’s hits. Instantly the clarity and balance of the band can be heard. When the well-known melody enters, it instantly signals this arrangement is authentic in character and phrasing. The band is swinging!  The arrangement is full of written backgrounds and sections that give space to both the soloist and ensemble playing. The writing is excellent. Peidro’s solo tone is smooth and warm, as his lines clearly define the chord structures. In fact, all the soloist are first-rate. The best part of this track is the stimulating horn solos. Evans and Peidro get more time in the spotlight and their playing is captivating.

What Peidro has created is a lovely adoration of traditional jazz, played at a highly creative and poignantly articulate level.  His relentless commitment to traditional jazz is expanded by his desire to carve out his personal sound in the idiom.  His language on the saxophone is inspired and his fluidity is seamless. Keep That Swing in Your Soul is aptly titled and joyfully executed.  A welcomed addition to the jazz cannon.

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