Adaury Mothé, Dois Amigos

by Sylvannia Garutch

Pianist, composer and arranger Adaury Mothé launches Dois Amigos (Sputnik Phonograms), his debut CD which presents a unique authorial repertoire pacing with samba jazz, choro, ijexá, among other styles. The work reflects his experience with Brazilian music and jazz throughout his 26-year career. Having already accompanied artists such as Leny Andrade, Selma Reis, Claudio Lins, Idriss Boudrioua, Robertinho Silva, Ney Conceição, among others. On the album, Mothé plays the piano, accordion, and keyboard.  The title track, “Dois Amigos,” is dedicated in loving memory of his father Adaury Mendonça.  Mothé is joined by bassist, Rodrigo Ferrera and drummer Vitor Vieira.

The opening track of “Dois Amigos” is a fun track that explores Mothé’s multi-instrumental passion with an energetic samba jazz styled original. Mothé plays piano and accordion, alternating between the two for the solo sections. On both instruments Mothé’s style is relaxed and melodic with driving rhythm that matches Vieira’s and Ferrera’s rhythmic foundation. The music is festive and a joy to follow along with as the harmonic progressions are clear and based in the samba jazz tradition. Mothé is a wonderful player and his debut album is hopefully the first of many from this fine musician.

“Bafafa” starts with Vieira’s exciting drum work for an intro with Mothé eventually playing a high melodic figure that leads us to lush, beautiful piano chords. The melody is based on a singable melody that is structured into four phrases for the A section, followed by a response that is built on a 2nd theme, but structures the same for the B section. Mothé’s passion and drive during the solo section is inspiring. His driving pulse and skill to develop and fully open and close and melodic phrase is impressive.

Mothé brings the rhythmic excitement of salsa to the world of jazz harmony and melody in a breathtaking debut outing.  Dois Amigos is a fitting tribute to Mothé’s father and a strong entrance for this Brazilian pianist.

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