Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces, Subtle Energy

by Nolan DeBuke

Guitarist Rik Wright is at it again, returning this time with an eloquently titled album Subtle Energy, though he continues his exploration of well-conceived originals and a band of friends with tight chemically bonded friendships, this time the music takes a more relaxed introspective approach.

“Butterfly Effect” is where you will find the groove in the mix, but with a slow-burn that keeps you mooded in modal, Wright shines as the storyteller with an infinite of fire in his belly.  Whereas, tunes like “Patience,” Wright demonstrates his understanding that less is more in a compositional approach, his devotion to the essence of creating an overall sound versus chop-atizing a tune and his commitment to melodic colorazations are of significant importance in the mature musical doctrine.  Wright has what takes years for most composers to understand – finesse – subtly – unfolding a melody and the purity of the approach.

Overall, Subtle Energy has a deeper meaning, a consciousness that reaches beyond what can be learned in a classroom of technique, what is messaged here is what can only be gained by years in the trenches and reaching beyond for enlightenment and enjoyment.  Highly Recommended.

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