The Delegation – Evergreen

by Sylvannia Garutch

Cascading sounds shaped from ideas exhibiting no relation to one another, yet bound by the overall thoughtfulness of the ensemble.  A debut from debut from Gabriel Zucker‘s ensemble The Delegation is a collection of randomness of sound connected into a world of modern outbursts, at times short melodic fragments that reflect earlier passages.  Sometimes it’s the cyclic appearance of influences of modern big band jazz, chamber, pop, and avant-garde vocals and electronics and effects.

At times a melding of harmonic colors, that circle upon itself blurring the lines of the other.  Though offering surges of intensity and at times tranquility and at times a map of what will come next, there still is a feeling of unpredictability.  This is where you question whether cohesion is even needed – or is it better to be in the now?   Might it just be the experience, the moment, the journey itself?  The answer for me came in the final track “Yellow Paint (Summaries II)/End Of Time (Canceled II),” the culmination appears – the amalgamated message and the coalescing of meaning becomes clear – the beauty is in the chaos, the expression is revealed in the unity.

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