Veronneau, Love & Surrender

by Ferell Aubre

Infectious, harmonious, inviting and alluring – just some of the adjectives that describe the lovely Brazilian infused Veronneau.  Adorned by the supple and versatile vocals of Lynn Veronneau the bands namesake, and joined by husband Ken Avis on guitar, longtime collaborator David Rosenblatt also on guitar with a cavalcade of 7 guests on various tracks, the trio is at it again with an infectious new album entitled Love & Surrender.

“Song of Love,” is the opener and to my ears, this is the single of the album and a great starter, it has all the elements of a hit song.  Joined by violinist Dave Kline, Etu Dieng on electric bass and Bruno Lucini on percussion, the track has and effervescent appeal, each player adds the icing on the tasty ingredients.

An instrumental tune “September Moon,” is sweetened by Avis who utilizes harmonica for a textural flavoring of the track, while percussionist Lucini and upright bassist John Previti creating a serene yet pastoral accompaniment style, a breath of beauty at the halfway mark of the album.

A French and Brazilian mashup “Voce Abusou Fais Comme L Oiseau” features guest vocalist, JP Silva taking on the Portuguese “Voce Abusou,” combined with Lynn’s seductively fashioned French take on “Fais Comme L Oiseau,” in a seamless coalescence of two wonderful performers, and two delightfully blended tunes.

Love & Surrender is acoustically warming, sonically pleasing, and performed with skillful musicianship adorned with creative originals and smartly arranged cover tunes from various music genres. A wonderful journey through English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish selections that will leave you feeling refreshed and delighted.

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