Crossover Jazz

Paul Litteral, Legacy Review

Paul Litteral, Legacy Review A Melodious Legacy: Paul Litteral’s Triumph in Jazz by Ferell Aubre Paul Litteral’s debut album, Legacy, released under Outrageous8 Records, is an introduction and documentation to his expansive career, showcasing his […]


Tomas Janzon, Nomadic Review

Tomas Janzon, Nomadic Review Nomadic: A Gentle Journey Through Tomas Janzon’s Musical Landscape by Nolan DeBuke Tomas Janzon is back with his sixth album as a leader with Nomadic. The Stockholm-born guitarist takes us on […]

Vocal Jazz

Anna Margolina, One Endless Night Review

Anna Margolina, One Endless Night Review Anna Margolina’s Debut Album One Endless Night – A Transcending Journey of Emigration Through Jazz By Sylvannia Garutch Anna Margolina’s debut album, One Endless Night, was released under the XJAZZ!Music […]