3D Jazz Trio, 9 to 5 Review

fiercely swinging with purpose


3D Jazz Trio, 9 to 5 Review

By Sylvannia Garutch

3D-Jazz-Trio-cd3D Jazz Trio is back with a new album called 9 to 5, on which Sherrie Maricle (drums), Amy Shook (bass), and Jackie Warren (piano) continue their mission to “fiercely swing on purpose, with purpose.” The album has nine tracks that include arrangements and originals. Dolly Parton’s multi-Grammy winning “9 to 5” and “Sing,” a tribute to Karen Carpenter, find the trio reaching outside the jazz repertoire for inspiration. But, regardless of where the material comes from, one thing for sure is this trio SWINGS!

“I Only Have Eyes for You” opens the set with a crafty arrangement of the jazz standard that has Shook and Warren playing an ostinato and taking turns playing phrases of the melody. The solo section is a joyous journey through swinging rhythms. Warren’s time feel is terrific as she builds her solo. Shook and Maricle react to her ideas and create with her to yield a powerful musical statement. This trio is in sync and performs with joy and agility.

A bembe-swing treatment is given to “Tin Tin Deo.” Opening with Warren performing a stirring piano introduction displaying her graceful skill and musical flare. The up-tempo bembe-swing treatment fits the melody superbly. In addition, this is an excellent example of Maricle’s coloring on the drum set. From the exciting colors she gets on the drums to the crescendoing cymbal rolls, Maricle is an orchestrative drummer that builds interest in every phrase. The double-time feel for Maricle’s and Warren’s phrase trading is very enjoyable.

9 to 5 is a creative project that pulls well-known songs from other genres and combines them with classic jazz and originals to demonstrate the creativity and versatility of this musical trio. Each member shines when in the spotlight and is immensely supportive when accompanying. The result is a fascinating music set grounded in the jazz tradition of performing and listening to each other. These cats can swing!


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