Michiel Stekelenburg, Trio Onoda Review

with a deep feel


Michiel Stekelenburg, Trio Onoda Review

by Sylvannia Garutch

michiel-stekelenburg-cdMichiel Stekelenburg is a Dutch guitarist and composer that is releasing his latest album that introduces a trio of Stekelenburg on guitar, Arno Krijger on Hammond organ, and Jasper van Hulten on drums. The album is simply called Trio Onoda. Presenting nine tracks, the program seamlessly offers traditional and modern feels as the trio has strong chemistry and comradery.

“Steroids” has a lively, upbeat melody that has overtones of a Pat Metheny group meets Jonathan Kreisberg influence. The composition visits different feels and melodic figures. Stekelenburg’s guitar tone is bright and pleasing. His notes ring clear, and his articulation is precise and percussive. Over the buoyant of Krijger and van Hulten, Stekelenburg spins lines with a deep feel and swelling phrasing. The trio turns in a vigorous performance in rhythm and musical passages.

“Consecotaleophobia” has a deep modern jazz groove and vibrant feel changes. The ebb and flow of the composition’s theme is wrapped in guitar expressions that bring the melody alive. The textures are flawlessly conveyed by the trio. Stekelenburg later supplements his guitar with a wah-wah effect to thoughtfully augment the sound of his circular and succinct phrases. The trio digs into the groove unabashedly, enjoying the modern jazz atmosphere.

Michiel Stekelenburg brings a fun listen to the table with Trio Onoda. The nine cuts offer a fresh, expansive feel in their explorations. The trio interacts judicially, and there is considerable room for individual expression in each selection. Stekelenburg is a guitarist to follow as he explores the many musical avenues beckoning his talents, and it will be interesting to see what creative project will come next in his growing discography.

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