Tingvall Trio, Dance Review

The joy of dancing


Tingvall Trio, Dance Review

by:  Ferell Aubre

tingvall-trio-cdTingvall Trio is back with a new album called Dance. The new album takes listeners along on a journey around the world with a variety of dance styles all fused into the jazz trio language. Martin Tingvall describes how it came about: “The idea for ‘Dance’ emerged while we were rehearsing ‘Cuban SMS,’ one of the first new songs. All jokes aside: It was really hard for us to stay in one place as we worked. There was so much rhythm and energy in the music. As for me, I can’t dance to save my life, but it just grabbed us and carried us away. The idea for an album full of dances was born.” Tingvall (piano), Omar Rodriguez Calvo (bass), and Jürgen Spiegel (drums) are ready to take you on a harmonious journey influenced by how much fun they had when recording these pieces.

“Tokyo Dance” has a lively piano part based on a pentatonic scale. Tingvall Trio’s playing is dynamic, and the song structure flows from different levels of intensity naturally. Tingvall’s piano solo is energetic as he pushes the beat with dazzling technical melodies and chords.

“Ya Man” has a reggae feel that the trio dances to and explores. The composition is colorful and brings fresh sounds to the jazz genre. Spiegel’s groove is in the pocket as Calvo holds down the steady harmonic foundation. Tingvall’s soloing is always passionate, and “Ya Man” is no exception, his playful exploration of rhythms and harmonic devices are thrilling to hear.

Dance is thirteen compositions exploring new and fresh hues in the jazz piano trio setting. There are Oriental sounds on “Arabic Slow Dance” and reggae beats on “Ya Man.” The sounds of Latin jazz flows on “Bolero” and “Spanish Swing.” There are calm moments like “Det Lilla” and emotions of sorrow on “In Memory.” The Tingvall Trio can express many feelings, styles, and intensities that bring a new perspective to the piano jazz trio sound.


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