Rosie Frater-Taylor, On My Mind

by Ferell Aubre

Rosie Frater-Taylor is the next generation of musicians rising through the ranks, that was introduced to music originally from their parents, who were also jazz musicians.  Scottish born vocalist/songwriter Josie Frater and Drummer/composer Steve Taylor.

At the tender age of nineteen Frater-Taylor has an assuredness about her, that resonates though all eight tunes, and one live cut on her offering, On My Mind.  At this time Frater-Taylor currently attends The Royal Academy of Music, but the depth contained within the performances of her album resonate beyond her time in school with a strong affinity for Becca Stevens.

The sweet sounds of “On My Mind,” is filled with the soulful voice of Frater-Taylor.  Honied and filled with a timbre of longing, the tune is engaging from the first notes with her solo ukulele ringing, guided by finger snaps, well placed hits and well harmonized lines, the tune has a crackling of excitement to it.

A darker hued “Umami,” has an air of Tracy Chapman to it, in its honestly and revealing lyrics, is punctuated by a jazzy guitar solo by Frater-Taylor, who scats along to her solo adding to its weight and merit. I might add, there are two versions of this tune on the album. An alternate track is “Umami Live,” featuring Hugo Piper (Bass), Zoe Pascal (Drums), Finn Thomas Bradley (Trumpet), Deschanel Gordon (Piano) and of course dad, Steve Taylor (drums, percussion), who seamlessly blend together as performers.  Frater-Taylor does not miss a beat, her vocal quality is equally compelling live and in stereo.

Sometimes there is something lost in the translation when children stand in the shadows of such gleaming parents. Frater-Taylor shines with her own star. With the inventiveness and precision of her mother and the rhythmic acumen of her father.  Frater-Taylor has a great foundation to take her music, and she does in any direction her creativity can carry her.  On My Mind is a beginning of a beautiful journey of possibilities.

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