Crossover Jazz

Fergus McCreadie, Stream Review

Fergus McCreadie, Stream Review Fergus McCreadie – Stream: An Immersive Journey Through Scottish Landscapes and Jazz Pastels by Ferell Aubre Scottish pianist and composer Fergus McCreadie has carved a remarkable niche since 2021 as his career has […]

Chamber Jazz

Fergus McCreadie, Sketches Review

Fergus McCreadie, Sketches Review Exploring the Intimate Narrative of Fergus McCreadie’s Sketches by Nolan DeBuke Fergus McCreadie’s latest digital EP, Sketches, on Edition Records, is a journey through the landscape of improvisational jazz, painted with the […]

World Jazz

Tingvall Trio, BIRDS Review

Tingvall Trio, BIRDS Review Tingvall Trio: BIRDS — From Dances to Birdsongs, a Harmonious Evolution by Ferell Aubre With the chattering of morning birds as nature’s original score, Tingvall Trio invites us into an aviary […]