3Divas, 3 Divas

by Roland Freerier

Introducing the newest addition to the DIVA family of bands: 3Divas! This super-swingin’ powerhouse trio plays original, traditional, and contemporary standards from all genres of music, with their own unique style, innovative arrangements, and effervescent musical joy. Sherrie Maricle, Amy Shook, and Jackie Warren met in May of 2014 at the Cleveland Playhouse while playing in The DIVA Jazz Orchestra as part of Maurice Hines’ award-winning show Tappin’ Thru Life. On this outing self-titled 3Divas, the New York-based trio performs a program that ranges from the Latin-tinged to the hard swinging.  Full of fun and good vibes.

Warren’s considerable chops are in full effect on each track and Maricle and Shook bring the rhythmic power to support her prowess. The trio crafts an appealing musical portrait on “Beautiful Love,” which has a joyous swing feel. Maricle’s brush work propels the track at the beginning, but when she switches to sticks, that is when Warren goes full force on tickling the ivories that her true spirit is revealed, the notes sing with joy and laughter (in a good swingin way!).  This is a rare gift, and Warren clearly has it in her bones.

“Favela” is a Brazilian-flavored romp, which has inspired playing all around. The entire proceedings offer a percolating, interactive, joyous groove, that makes you want to Salsa dance around the room. Maricle’s solo while Warren and Shook keep the montuno going is a real treat. Also, to be noted is the interaction between the three, they are always listening to each other and supporting each other and the music, which equates to a refined listen.

Taking from the pop world, “The Beat Goes On” suggests the trio knows that music has no boundaries and a lovely swinging atmosphere can be created with any melody. They do swing on this selection and Maricle’s ride cymbal work, creates a rhythmic pulse, while Warren’s jaw dropping chordal solo work over the ever-steady Shook’s pulse, will have you moving in your chair, a smile upon your face and the whole six minutes and fifty-five seconds, will feel like the best kept refreshment of the summer.

The trio is full of dynamics, great feels and heart felt musical joy. With whirling activity 3Divas has created a heartening seven song debut album, that is a musical gust of fresh air on the straight-ahead jazz scene. Do your feet a favor and get this, your feet will dance and your heart will sing!

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