Domi Edson, Stories From Solitude Review

swinging bassist and composer


Domi Edson, Stories From Solitude Review

By Sylvannia Garutch

Domi-Edson-cdDomi Edson is just twenty-five years of age, but her tone and sense of time are that of someone twice her age. Edson is releasing her debut album called Stories From Solitude. The album features choice standards and Edson originals inspired by Edson being alone with her thoughts in picturesque natural places. While many artists her age feel compelled to write music with intricate harmonies, complex arrangements, and time shifts, Edson focuses on developing catchy melodies with infectious swing and joyful ensemble interplay. Edson is supported by pianist Spencer Zweifel and Bobby Weins on drums.

Edson’s arrangement of Frank Foster’s “Shiny Stockings” reveals her insight into the standard repertoire and her command of the all-important role of the bass player in the jazz piano trio.  The hits and soli parts add excitement to the medium-up swing tempo. Edson’s bass sound is warm and woody with a rock-solid time feel. Edson’s sense of time and melody continues into her solo as she adds personality with glissandos and precise phrasing.

Edson takes the lead on her original “Domi’s New Blues.” Her tone and time are lovely as she balances the blues and swing language effortlessly. Each chorus shows Edson’s strong sense of melody.  Zweifel and Weins perform with elegance and swing, a feel-good blues with a lead by the bassist; everyone loves that.

Stories From Solitude is a solid debut for the swinging bassist and composer Domi Edson.  Edson explains, “I gain inspiration from being alone in nature (usually skiing). Most of the songs have stories behind them/are about something very specific.” Sounds good to me, both being in nature and Edson’s debut album, Stories From Solitude.


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