Bill Heller, Passage Review

Bill Heller, Passage Review by Ferell Aubre Pianist Bill Heller is best known as the keyboardist for the legendary GRAMMY-nominated jazz group the Rippingtons. His first Rippingtons record was Topaz in 1998, and he has been performing […]


Marbin, Fernweh Review

Marbin, Fernweh Review By Sylvannia Garutch Marbin is back with their twelfth album titled Fernweh, a German word for wanderlust that means specifically to be homesick for a place you have never been. The album, which […]


Art Hirahara Open Sky Review

Art Hirahara Open Sky Review by Ferell Aubre Art Hirahara is a jazz pianist, keyboardist, and composer building his discography as a leader and side musician. Hirahara’s compositional influences shape a sound that incorporates a […]


Alex Western-King, Sideslip Review

Alex Western-King, Sideslip Review by Nolan DeBuke Alex Western-King is releasing his debut album on Ubuntu Music label called Sideslip. The London-based saxophonist is joined by Sam Leak on piano, Jonny Wickham on bass, Jay Davis on […]


Max Highstein, Tiptoes Review

Max Highstein, Tiptoes Review by Ferell Aubre A multi-instrumentalist, Max Highstein brings forth much more than musical ideas; he imbues his music with a textualization of knowing. A deep acumen of complexity and joy is […]