Narducci, Break the Silence

by Nolan DeBuke

Matthew Silberman received the nickname “Narducci” while attending Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. “The name started from the Miles Davis’ tune ‘Nardis,’ which was my feature in our jazz combo, and evolved after my friends and I were watching ‘Sopranos’ and saw the name ‘Narducci’ in the credits, after that, it just stuck, “explains Silberman.  He has worked with R&B stars Miguel and Bilal, System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian, former Duran Duran/Frank Zappa guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, and jazz legend Peter Erskine among many others. He currently plays with electronic music outfit Dimond Saints, rock band The Orbellion, jazz fusion group Madd Galaxy, and cult party rockers The Prigs. Silberman has just released his latest CD entitled, Break the Silence. The album is a sonic love-child of jazz, electronic music, hip-hop, classical, and ambient.

“Break the Silence” begins with a catchy electronic groove that builds the songs inspiration to a famous speech by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The speech is sampled with pulsating, breath-powered synth and booming 808s setting the stage as Narducci plays fills on the saxophone. The music is pointed in its message and just as deep with its inner workings and subtleties. There are plenty of layers and sounds, all created by the saxophonists and producer, Narducci. The purpose of this music is to inspire and affect for the greater good of the individual and society as a whole. Taos Native American chants, flutes, strings, and Jordan Brooks’ bass (Albert Hammond, Rubblebucket) fill out the sonic landscape, ending in ethereal wind chimes that soothe the spirit.

“Gaia” has an ancient cry to it, with Narducci’s soulful saxophone playing the deep 808 rumbles and a fulls synth, he creates another worldly chant. The mystic character continues as vocals bring positive lyrics to our ears. Narducci is not afraid to explore music utilizing all tools available and eschews the preconceived musical boundaries. The line between electronic music and jazz is always handled in a musical and lyrical manner. Narducci’s playing certainly draws deeply from the well of jazz heritage, but is not limited by it, choosing instead to drink and move on!

Though distinctly electronic in nature, Break the Silence is also an exploration in complex harmonic adventurism.  An experience that is satisfying while also mind expanding.  Drink in the scenery and experience the soothing of your soul.

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