Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics

by:  Ferell Aubre

Searing horn lines, thumping beats and unique concepts are all uniquely wrapped up in a new and exciting term EDM Latin Jazz, and who other than the legendary Mac Gollehon, trumpeter to David Bowie, Duran, Duran, and even the iconic Miles Davis is standing at the helm.  His latest endeavor Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics will take you on the ride of your life, but don’t expect this to be reminiscent of Gollehon’s previous recordings like La Fama or Mac Straight Ahead, the only element that remains the same is Gollehon’s high reaching notes, excellent rhythm and a lip that won’t quit.

“No More Drama” the single riffs and explodes in a rhythmic frenzy of EDM at its finest, with intricate colors and textures all the while driving the beat to fervor.  Gollehon’s trumpet cuts through the electronica and laces the message.  If you are sitting still at this point, please check your pulse.

“II Aceite” offers the listener a totally hip 70’s retro sound with a heavy electronic latin rhythm and a touch of R&B hipness.  Gollehon delivers with spot on trumpet pyrotechnics and shimmering tone. 

Each tune on this groundbreaking offering is not to be missed, not to be overlooked and not to be skipped. Closing out the journey is “If Time Allows” a space continuum trip to space that challenges the senses and adds a psychedelic emotive to the inner ear. Remixed by Mark Henry, it is a genus of cornucopia sounds.  

Gollehon has always been known to be ahead of his time, but this shoots him into the stratosphere of pioneer, a seat he is already comfortable with – this long awaited new recording by Gollehon is exactly what this generation of jazz listener is yearning for – jazz with experimentation, muscularity, and modern sounding relevancy, no batteries required, this ship will mark its own masterpiece course, a highly recommended listen, especially for the adventurous jazz cat.

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