Flying Horse Big Band, Big Man On Campus

June 21, 2017 admin 0

by Jon Ward The University of Central Florida’s Flying Horse Big Band has just released their eighth album on Flying Horse Records entitled, Big Man On Campus.  Directed by saxophonist, composer and arranger Jeff Rupert, […]


Daniel Dickinson, A Gathering Foretold

June 14, 2017 admin 1

by Jon Ward A debut offering with a line-up that features players like; Christian Sands, Michael Dease, Ulysses Owens, Jr., certainly will make you take a second look, but even with this stellar backing cast […]


The Fred Hughes Trio, Matrix

May 30, 2017 admin 0

by Raul da Gama There is no substitute with an album full of luscious, no-nonsense swinging music played with fierce dedication to the idiom, unadorned chiseling of classic Jazz tempo; juxtapositioning of rhythm close to, […]


Ray Lyon, Trinity One Δ

May 10, 2017 admin 0

by Raul da Gama There is absolutely nothing that one should be wary about when embarking on a musical adventure with Ray Lyon. He captains a svelte ship with a crew of three, appropriately entitled […]

Crossover Jazz

Christian Sands, Reach

May 7, 2017 admin 0

by Jon Ward Five-time Grammy® Award nominee pianist Christian Sands marks his Mack Avenue Records debut that forgoes the straight-ahead sound and REACHes into fresh-sounding music. The album is entitled REACH and its musical influences […]


Leigh Pilzer, Strunkin’

May 5, 2017 admin 0

by Raul da Gama Every once and awhile a record comes across the critic’s desk that so overwhelms him or her that a long pause for breath is in order. But one has to usually […]


Julphan Tilaportputt, Regards to You II

March 22, 2017 admin 0

by Ferell Aubre It should come as no surprise that some of the most viscerally exciting music should come from parts unknown – not just as far removed as Southern India and Azerbaijan, but more […]


Alessandro Fadini, A Dark and Stormy Day

March 8, 2017 admin 0

by Nolan Debuke A debut album by Italian pianist and composer Alessandro Fadini brings to light a well-educated mathematician, who is a self-taught pianist.  This is not surprising, if you think about it, music is […]


Jeff Rupert and Richard Drexler, Imagination

March 8, 2017 admin 0

by Raul da Gama Jeff Rupert and pianist Richard Drexler shine in all their radiant creativity on Imagination.  Creating an unmatched nimbleness of sound, though a stripped-down duet performance, the full and wholesome interaction of […]


Nicolas Kummert, La Diversité

March 1, 2017 admin 0

by Sylvannia Garutch At the age of 17 Belgium saxophonist Nicolas Kummert gained an affinity for African music from a two month stay in Senegal, where he collaborated with local musicians and later from Benin, […]