Yvette Moore, Burning in My Heart

by Roland Freerier

Hawaii is a special place and vocalist-songwriter Yvette Moore draws on Hawaii’s energy and musical talent to create an enjoyable project she calls, Burning in My Heart. With eleven songs on the project, Moore uses her training in opera and jazz to convey the stories in each heartfelt track with a controlled vocal technique.  As a songwriter, Moore is capable of drawing the listener in with lyrics that both entertain and lead us through the emotions and narrative of the song.

“Tell Me No Lies” is a pop inspired selection that has Moore using her vocal gifts to strongly convey the melody and lyrics. Combined with her wide vocal range and ability to growl her voice and slide into notes with complete vocal control, it is immediately apparent, her sweet, yet warm voice has been developed through study and countless hours of singing.   One unique trait is her ability to hold a note with no vibrato, and then just when the moment calls for it, she can add just the right amount, to add to the emotion of the song, but only when necessary or fitting to the overall success of the lyric. This comes from mastery of instrument.  Many times, vocalist employ vibrato at the end of every line, and it can be quite overused.  Moore, understands that vibrato should only be used in service of the lyric or emotion when called for in the story of the song.

When Moore sings, “He moves me in a way I just can’t understand, He knows the way I feel can I believe this is real?” it’s easy to interpret that her personal desire and heart are truly involved in her lyrics. Another highlight to her writing style is her lyrics are well-crafted, conveying the story with good lyrical illustration, but never over wordy or trying to be witty, just for the sake of wit.

“Keep it Good,” an upbeat pop/Latin inspired tune, loaded with synthesized lines, warm saxophone, a driving bass line offer the listener a bouncy beat, the track is full of positive energy. This is the kind of track that encourages us to shake of the stress of the day and just dance, which seems like pretty good advice.  Sometimes shedding the stress of the day; is just what it takes to stay young and vibrant and Burning in My Heart is a prescription for pure joy.

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